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These presenters created brand-new trainings, absolutely FRESH, specifically for this intensive. This is NOT the “same old, same old” information – it’s cutting-edge material from groundbreaking, ultra-successful entrepreneurs and coaches who have used coaching skills to blast through plateaus and reach new heights.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of the CSI attendees had to say:

You are wayyyyy outside the box, and I feel like you really understand what’s needed in today’s highly uncertain world.

“Every call is of amazing caliber and value. The call on sales was one of my favorites, as I have taken several trainings around heart-based sales and enrollment, which were excellent and brought me clients. However I always felt there was a slight element of manipulation, and so I have been experimenting to make it feel right. What your class did is pinpoint the sticking points for me, and gave me some tips on how to get unstuck. I am also loving the people you are interviewing – some of whom I had not heard of before – and their refreshing approaches to building their business. I guess what I like most is that you are wayyyyy outside the box, and I feel like you really understand what’s needed in today’s highly uncertain world for the heart-based and creative entrepreneur.”

—Katie Curtin

“Andrea, I’ve so enjoyed your teleseries! It’s honestly one of the most refreshing things I’ve heard in the last 2 years. You are truly a thought leader, visionary and veteran of the industry. Thank you for sharing your gifts!! You rock!! When is the next WTL conference so I can put it on my calendar? :)”

—Laura Kessler


The Essentials: Highly Effective Coaching Skills for Highly Uncertain Times

Navigating uncertainty is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can acquire, no matter what business you’re in.

Something, almost anything, not working in your business? Become a better coach already! Here, you discover vital foundational coaching techniques – which work for non-coaches AND coaches alike – to dramatically improve your odds against most challenges in business.

Learn how to:

  • Coach a difficult client so she gets the results she’s paying you for – and sings your praises
  • Support clients to move into the unknown, bravely and with confidence, so they experience unprecedented success – and thank you for it
  • Coach a client who’s not getting anywhere – so she finally begins to make the strides she wants to
  • Ask clients challenging questions so they get unstuck or push through a plateau to the next level
  • Use your newly improved coaching skills in your own life – be your own best coach, get great results for yourself, and even fire yourself at the right time

Coaching Skills for the “Sales” Conversation

If you want to make more money, you’ve got to close more sales with more prospects, right? When you take a coaching approach to the sales conversation, you can make it feel natural and authentic, as well as flexible and customizable to the person you’re speaking with.

Learn how to:

  • Be more persuasive when it counts, without being manipulative
  • Get things done with and through other people, without feeling like you’re twisting their arms, or being sleazy or sales-y
  • “Be a coach” in the coaching conversation, without actually giving away coaching
  • Close more clients and earn more money

Coaching Skills for Generating Breakthroughs and Other Noteworthy Results

Do you know when to push, when to pull, when to withdraw, in a conversation with a client?

Are you a change agent, passionate about helping people achieve new levels of capability in a profound way? Add coaching to your arsenal as a powerful tool for generating change, one client at a time.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize a breakthrough opportunity, even (and especially) when your client doesn’t yet see it
  • Get buy-in from your client about going for the breakthrough
  • Illuminate the stakes for the client so he can see what he’s capable of, as well as the potential results
  • Recognize when a small breakthrough is actually a big breakthrough
  • Avoid conflict of interest when going for breakthroughs with your clients

Coaching Skills for Building and Leading Cool Things

Once you’ve mastered using your newfound coaching skills to help your clients achieve better-than-ever results, you can then begin expanding them as you apply them to bigger opportunities: Coaching is actually leadership: it’s teaching your clients HOW to fish.

Learn how to:

  • Create longevity in what you do (and make sure you’re doing something you want to do for a while!)
  • Master coaching skills for successful leadership coaching
  • Use your coaching skills to go bigger: build a team, an organization, an online community or another group of loyal individuals

Here are comments from a few more CSI attendees:

“Hi Andrea, I’m over the moon about these calls. They are so ‘use-in-the-real-world helpful.”

—Ellison James

“Thank you, Andrea. I feel like a glacier in my brain is breaking with a splash into a free-floating iceberg in a fresh icy sea.”

—Rae Shagalov

“Thanks for priming my pump! This Coaching Skills Intensive has been so beneficial … even to a ‘seasoned’ coach! You are wonderful and so very generous! I commit to clarifying my list of the values I bring to clients and using it immediately!”

—Dee Doochin


Coaching Skills to Help Clients Create More Cash

There’s more to coaching/teaching/training a small group than meets the eye. Good news: it doesn’t have to be hard.

Whether you want the skills to generate more income for your own business, or you want to be able to more effectively fulfill your promise to help your clients generate more income, you need advanced concepts for coaching boldly so you can best support your clients who want to make more money.


  • How to be responsible as a business-building or other money-related coach, consultant or trainer
  • Why coaching clients who want to grow financially should be one of the easiest areas to coach
  • What REALLY works (and how this compares to existing structures and models)

Coaching Skills for Graceful (and Ugly) Goodbyes

Let’s face it: you may not want to continue coaching throughout your career. Many coaches face burnout and overwhelm as they build their businesses and before they realize it’s time to shift gears. Discover graceful ways to avoid burnout and overwhelm.

Learn how to:

  • Transform yourself when you realize you detest sitting on the phone with clients
  • Make a change when the thought of picking up the phone and coaching ONE more person for ONE more session fills you with dread
  • Work well, so you don’t experience burnout and exhaustion in the first place as you build your business
  • Give a strong ending to a coaching relationship when your client is complete (what to do and what NOT to do!)

Advanced Coaching Skills – Where Coaching is Going

The quickest way to improving results is addressing your major mistakes with clients. The Special Report ’50 Coaching Mistakes to Avoid’ is available when you register.

After more than 20 years, what are some of the things that make coaching fresh and represent the next generation of coaching “technology”? Stay up to date so you’re sure you and your clients are benefitting from what works, now, based on a foundation of solid coaching AND on the newest research.

Learn how to:

  • Coach complex thinkers, polymaths, and highly sensitive, neurodiverse, depressed-creatives, healers, divergent thinkers, etc.
  • Utilize the best practices for speed and rhythm of engagement in the modern coaching relationship – how do repeat clients work?
  • Manage a client base while building other income streams – the RIGHT time to pursue the holy grail of passive or leveraged income
  • Avoid the pitfalls on the horizon for coaches and the coaching industry
  • Take advantage of the opportunities coming for coaches and coaching: markets, niches, growth areas, international markets, etc.

Advanced Coaching Mistakes – Unhappy Clients, Horror Stories, and When Nothing Seems to be Working

This session is doubly helpful: for adding coaching and its benefits to your business or organization AND for helping you when YOU’RE the one being coached! We’ve all experienced it: trouble getting more clients, or worse, clients who ask for refunds, go backward instead of forward, or having a major breakdown on the other end of the line. Fortunately, none of these scenarios mean the end of your business; with the right tools and techniques you can overcome them and build a thriving business that includes or features coaching.


  • The RIGHT way to deal with unhappy clients
  • What to do when your client is having a breakdown
  • The most commonly mis-used coaching skills, and most egregious errors made in the name of “coaching”

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  • Downloadable “Action Sheets” for each session. We’ve taken the key points and strategies from each session and summarized them on one page so you have a quick, easy reference at your fingertips
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Still not sure? Read through just a few more comments from CSI attendees thrilled with their experience:

“Just made my first live call – Call #5 – and lawd have mercy, remarkable, actionable, respectful, life-changing, olly-olly-oxen-free, business-transforming stuff.”

—Lissa Boles

“Andrea, thank you for an awesome day of learning in your Coaching Skills Intensive. I absolutely loved your Breakthrough Techniques – excellent, excellent content that I can tell took years of experience and observation to acquire. I am so grateful that you’ve packaged it up so nicely for me to use today!”

—Janelle Evans

“What I found about the coaching skills intensive was, not only will it help me with my online business when I start, but it also will help me with the coaching portion, and not only that, these are great skills for life … to be a better human being … to make this world a better place! I appreciate you sharing your valuable insights and secret gems. No words can really truly express the depths of my gratitude!”



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Andrea J. Lee, the founder of internationally-renowned Wealthy Thought Leader and Author of Pink Spoon Marketing and Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, has been coach to thousands of successful entrepreneurs from start-up to 6, 7 and 8 figures. These business owners have successfully created leveraged income streams using coaching as a tool that ignites accelerated results.

With over 12 years as a serial 6 and 7 figure entrepreneur in multiple sectors, and change agent within the coaching profession, Andrea has seen coaching grow from toddlerhood to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. One of the only remaining business coaches who joyfully coaches 1-on-1 and remains readily accessible, yet leveraged at the same time, she has never hesitated to contribute her own hand in shaping the evolution of coaching, nor to demonstrate its essential power. She knows how unstoppable entrepreneurs become when they decide to make coaching excellence an integral part of their new or existing offerings – whether they identify themselves specifically as coaches, or not.

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