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I KNOW you’re going to LOVE the feeling of exhilaration you experience when you begin seeing your clients achieve the awesome results they want and deserve while you grow your business and increase your profits! Which means you, as an entrepreneur, get to have more fun and less stress as you create more cool things, increase cash flow and advance to the next level.

In just a few moments, you’re going to receive an email with details about how you can download your recordings, transcripts and action sheets from each of the 8 presentations during “The Coaching Skills Intensive,” so you can access them whenever and wherever you need to.

(And of course, you’re also going to receive download details for your “Coaching Skills to Generate Breakthroughs and Other Noteworthy Results” and Coaching Mistakes report!)

As a reminder, here’s just a taste of what that “Coaching Skill Intensive” material includes:

  • The Essentials: Highly Effective Coaching Skills for Highly Uncertain Times
  • Coaching Skills for the “Sales” Conversation
  • Coaching Skills for Building and Leading Cool Things
  • Coaching Skills to Help Clients Create More Cash
  • Coaching Skills for Graceful (and Ugly) Goodbyes
  • Advanced Coaching Skills – Where Coaching is Going
  • Advanced Coaching Mistakes – Unhappy Clients, Horror Stories, and When Nothing Seems to be Working

Remember, you’re going to get …

  • The downloadable MP3 recordings (you don’t have to worry about missing a call or wanting to listen to a call or section a second or third time!)
  • Downloadable transcripts (so you can go back and highlight – and take notes on the sections that really strike a chord)
  • Downloadable “Action Sheets” for each session. We’ve taken the key points and strategies from each session and summarized them on one page so you have a quick, easy reference at your fingertips
  • AND the “Coaching Skills to Generate Breakthroughs and Other Noteworthy Results,” and the Coaching Mistakes Report, absolutely FREE

… all to include in your permanent business-building library.

This means that whenever you need to hear a certain section again, or take a quick peek at a certain tip or piece of advice, it’s there. No trying to decipher your shorthand notes, no trying to remember what someone said, and no wishing you’d taken notes on that one elusive strategy.

You have this information whenever you need it. Period.

Again, congratulations!

You’re one significant step closer to happy clients, great results, delicious profits, and a more contented YOU.