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Rebecca Skeele of www.MakeitHeaven.com receives laser coaching from Andrea J. Lee at the Wealthy Thought Leader event in April 2012.

Whether You’ve Had Unhappy Clients, ‘Difficult’ Clients, Not-Enough Clients,
OR Clients who’re stuck…

Maybe your business isn’t always selling as much, as easily as you’d like, isn’t fully leveraged, or feels like more of a burden than a blessing some days…

And where even YOU find yourself feeling bored, burned-out or
possibly in a cash flow crunch…

Would YOU like to learn coaching skills that are tailored for a
busy small business owner like you?

Because now you can. For free.

You are invited! To learn from yours truly in 8 intensive teaching
calls, and a small posse of smart entrepreneurs who’ll teach and
demonstrate real-world skills that get you Happy Clients, Great Results,
Delicious Profits and a More Contented YOU.

Don’t worry, you won’t be overwhelmed, we’re going to laser focus all the content for you so it’s actionable! Mouse over the photos for more info about each speaker.


From Wealthy Thought Leader Andrea J. Lee

Dec 14, 2017
Dear Future-Minded Entrepreneur,

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you could be doing better in your business?

Not just because everyone could do better – we all could! But you have this feeling that while you’ve been focusing on how to build your business – including getting good at the sales process, building a team, making offers, branding, creating products, building your list, networking and all that – something important’s been missing?

Could it be that you’ve lost track of a simple but profound thing – being excellent at what you do, and what you deliver, in your business?

Whether you’re in startup, or you’re heading towards 6 figures plus…

Maybe you’re a service provider delivering intangibles like training, speaking, teaching – counseling, consulting
or another service; OR your business provides something tangible like a product you can touch…

Being awesome at what you do is a very worthy goal. It gives you meaning – a feeling of pride and wanting to keep going! But too many entrepreneurs aren’t feeling that. Instead, you may be noticing:

  • Not a lot of people are going from ‘I’m interested’ to buying from you (at least not as many as you’d like)
  • You’re jumping from one idea to the next without really digging in fully…you’re uncomfortable, so you’re flitting from income stream possibility to next
  • Not many clients are buying from you again after the first time
  • Clients aren’t overly excited about what you’ve done for them – if you think about it, they might even be a bit unimpressed
  • You’re frustrated with a growing number of complain-y or ‘whiny’ clients whose progress using what you’ve given them is super slow or non-existent
  • You’re getting more refunds, or people who stop paying you in the middle of their commitment without explaining really why
  • You’re getting a guilty feeling from time to time that says ‘I wish I knew how to do better for <insert name of client>’ and you don’t know what to do about it

If you’ve been in business for a while – years even – is it possible there’s an overarching, foundational set of coaching skills that could help both you AND your clients?

  • Maybe the ‘Fraud Factor’ is creeping up on you more and more – you feel like you’re faking it and about to get caught! (A better skill set to get results would help!!)
  • You’re getting more worry lines as a result of just not knowing how to make clients happy much the less ecstatic, raving and loyal fans who spread the word about you…something that used to happen!
  • Even if you’re new in business, raise your hand if you’ve felt like you wanted to quit – but you feel trapped not knowing how to move forward OR stop?

Will life as an entrepreneur ever get easier – more fun, less stress? Will you have time to create more cool things, sell more, increase cash flow and avoid those next-level mistakes while enjoying happy clients?

To explore the answers to these wonderful, important questions, I’ve prepared a set of 8 classes that I’m excited to teach, and brought together a small, smart posse of masterful coaches and entrepreneurs to share their wisdom about how to improve your clients’ results, your own satisfaction, and increase your bottom line, all under the banner of the 7-day Coaching Skills Intensive, starting July 24th, 2012.

Read more about the 8 topics I’ll be teaching PLUS reserve your spot here.

But Wait! I hear you out there saying, “Andrea, I’m not a coach.
Why in the WORLD would I want to focus on coaching skills?!”

Before you start throwing tomatoes, hear me out.

There are a LOT of reasons your clients – and in turn, YOU and your business – no matter
whether it’s a coaching business or not – can benefit from the coaching skills you’ll learn during the
5-day Coaching Skills Intensive:

  • These coaching skills will help your clients get the results they pay you for (rather than leaving them to their own devices, frustrated with what they bought)
  • You’ll discover how to make more money in your business as you improve your coaching skills – no matter what business you’re in
  • It’s fun having coaching tools that help you get through blocks and stuck places, even complain-y, stubborn or really tough clients
  • Coaching skills can increase the retention of your favorite clients (that’s fun, right?) and decrease refund rates too (what a relief)
  • You’ll find out that you can charge more, and increase your profit when you get good with a wide variety of coaching skills (they aren’t hard, but you need to know they exist!)
  • You’ll also get clarity about how to re-structure your business to incorporate coaching and training in ways that work today – if you aren’t already (this one reason is worth signing up for, all on its own.)

Plus, ANY business can benefit from increased sales, and a more elegant sales PROCESS.
Great coaching skills can enhance your sales process so it’s easier, less manipulative feeling,
more effective and less costly!

On a personal level, you’ll be less confused, uncertain, and overwhelmed so you can make great decisions (and pass this onto clients too, if you choose).

And finally, you’ll learn how to integrate, adding coaching skills will help you stand out among your competition. Instead of chasing clients, you’ll discover that people will seek you out. Cool right?

Sign up here to receive your FREE seat.

No worries, if you’re already a great coach, you’ll get to learn advanced coaching skills,
trends in coaching, how to avoid advanced coaching mistakes

The Coaching Skills Intensive is my way of consolidating coaching wisdom in a way that all small business owners
can benefit from. I’ve been coaching for 12 years, and continue to be blessed to simply LOVE coaching in all its
forms. Not to mention, I LOVE facilitating this love in others. Lighting a fire with the magic of coaching – it’s
a joy beyond explanation.

Needless to say, I’m excited about the Coaching Skills Intensive, which I hope will be a rising tide that floats all boats – but that can only happen if you choose to participate! So I hope you do.

The Coaching Skills Intensive is designed to be concise and actionable. When you sign up,
you’ll be invited to attend 8 teleclasses taught by me, a Wrapup call that includes Q&A/Coaching PLUS the wisdom from our guest instructors in their interview segments. Best of all, it’s all free for a short time.

You can choose to participate from the comfort of your home or office, and if you can’t attend – no problem. You’ll have access the recordings of each call FREE for an entire day, as well as the transcripts, Action Sheets and MP3s permanently for your success library– but only if you wish. Click here to read more about the schedule to give you a sense for how the Coaching Skills Intensive is organized (with an emphasis on getting you moving forward with tangible steps!)

As you can see, this isn’t just another event that recycles tired content. Rather, it’s an intense, 1 week gathering that delivers current topics you won’t see anywhere else, not even in most coach training programs.

Join the Coaching Skills Intensive for FREE – it starts July 24th.

Registration includes a free subscription to the Wealthy Thought Leader eZine – powerful content and announcements in your inbox so you can stand out in a crowded market.

I can’t wait to dive into the learning and growing together!


Your Host, Coaching Skills Intensive and Founder, Wealthy Thought Leader

About Your Host

Andrea J. Lee, the founder of internationally-renowned Wealthy Thought Leader and Author of Pink Spoon Marketing and Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, has been coach to thousands of successful entrepreneurs from start-up to 6, 7 and 8 figures. These business owners have successfully created leveraged income streams using coaching as a tool that ignites accelerated results.

With over 12 years as a serial 6 and 7 figure entrepreneur in multiple sectors, and change agent within the coaching profession, Andrea has seen coaching grow from toddlerhood to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. One of the only remaining business coaches who joyfully coaches 1-on-1 and remains readily accessible, yet leveraged at the same time, she has never hesitated to contribute her own hand in shaping the evolution of coaching, nor to demonstrate its essential power. She knows how unstoppable entrepreneurs become when they decide to make coaching excellence an integral part of their new or existing offerings – whether they identify themselves specifically as coaches, or not.

A model of accessible, impactful coaching that brings out excellence in clients at every juncture…

“I had always heard Andrea's name spoken with the highest of respect and when I sat in on my first teleseminar with her I understood why. Andrea is a pillar in the coaching community so it might be expected that she has a guru-distance around her, and yet, she is reachable, human and oh so wise. She opens up thinking channels I never even knew that I had and actually makes me feel a bit wiser.”

—Dawn Bournand
The greater your ability to coach people to get their dream results, the more repeat clients - and higher-value clients - you will naturally compel to work with you.

“There are a few other remarkable coaches - I know some of them too. Learning from Andrea is like being in the presence of a master, masterful, fine coach and it is a true joy. We all know she is wise about many, many things in business & innovation. She also shows us what coaching can be and do, and inspires us to be that with OUR clients! What I will always cherish about Andrea is her unique, elegant designs for coaching, teaching, training & mentoring up.”

—Elizabeth Crouch
If you call yourself a coach in your marketing, imagine how great it would be if you actually KNEW how to coach!

"The secret nobody tells you about many self-professed ‘coaches’ is that they don't know a thing about coaching...they are incredibly good at telling you what to do, but lack the skills in helping you actually think; to look at your own life and get resourceful.

Andrea's ability to help a person deeply examine their challenge or goal and then move into their own space of solution is a deep embodiment of great coaching which we can all benefit greatly by learning."

—Julia Kaious Zabell
How do you do great coaching and reduce refunds and unhappy clients?

“Before Andrea, I've always been slotted into someone else's ideas or system. They've said ‘do this’ and I've done it. With varied levels of success and NOT liking it. Andrea's asked questions, noticed things and insisted I find my own path... and that's made all the difference.”

—Erin Ferree
Great coaching is the switch that turns the light bulbs on.

“I think what really makes Andrea’s teaching totally unique is that she has a way of looking at things and perceiving things that you know nobody traditionally looks at. She just has a real way of… it’s sort of overused, but it’s true – she has a real way of taking us outside the box and looking at our business, and the light bulb goes on for us.”

—Bob Burnham
Andrea never disappoints. She always does something different, and she’s just edgy.

“Andrea’s on the cutting edge - innovative and you’ll always hear something new and interesting and exciting. And when you want to grow in your business, you want to stay ahead and also be implementing things that you might not have thought of.”

—Louise Crooks
The ability to coach masterfully makes any leader, teacher or entrepreneur stand out in a crowd.

“Andrea is so special because she’s a real coach. She’s a coach-coach. She has that coaching wisdom and that coaching knowledge. Everything comes from that perspective. She’s also a phenomenal leader and teacher, and I love the fact that she’s so heart-centered and really focused on the best for every person.”

—Sue Clement
To be a great coach, you need to find the edge and know when and how to compassionately lean into it

“Andrea’s not afraid to kick your butt. She’s somebody that as your coach loves you, will kick you on the butt, maybe rub some Penatone cream on it right away after to make sure that you’re alright but does not let you off the hook.”

—Shawn Shepheard
Working with Andrea, I realized today, that she really is teaching me how to think in a different way.

“I can always tell a lot about a teacher by the kind of people that work with them and what they do with their lives, and I’m so impressed with the integrity, the innovation and just the kindness of the people here.

Andrea’s really egoless and I trust her. I trust the scope of her vision and that she sees what’s possible in me and not only that she sees that but actually like the little nitty-gritty action steps to get me there, which I think it’s that combination of things is really rare. There is like a soul-knowing and then a business savvy that really excites me and refreshes me.”

—Sara Avant Stover
You are wayyyyy outside the box, and I feel like you really understand what’s needed in today’s highly uncertain world.

“Every call is of amazing caliber and value. The call on sales was one of my favorites, as I have taken several trainings around heart-based sales and enrollment, which were excellent and brought me clients. However I always felt there was a slight element of manipulation, and so I have been experimenting to make it feel right. What your class did is pinpoint the sticking points for me, and gave me some tips on how to get unstuck. I am also loving the people you are interviewing – some of whom I had not heard of before – and their refreshing approaches to building their business. I guess what I like most is that you are wayyyyy outside the box, and I feel like you really understand what’s needed in today’s highly uncertain world for the heart-based and creative entrepreneur.”

—Katie Curtin

“Andrea, I’ve so enjoyed your teleseries! It’s honestly one of the most refreshing things I’ve heard in the last 2 years. You are truly a thought leader, visionary and veteran of the industry. Thank you for sharing your gifts!! You rock!! When is the next WTL conference so I can put it on my calendar? :)”

—Laura Kessler

“Hi Andrea, I’m over the moon about these calls. They are so ‘use-in-the-real-world helpful.”

—Ellison James

“Thank you, Andrea. I feel like a glacier in my brain is breaking with a splash into a free-floating iceberg in a fresh icy sea.”

—Rae Shagalov

“Thanks for priming my pump! This Coaching Skills Intensive has been so beneficial … even to a ‘seasoned’ coach! You are wonderful and so very generous! I commit to clarifying my list of the values I bring to clients and using it immediately!”

—Dee Doochin

“Just made my first live call – Call #5 – and lawd have mercy, remarkable, actionable, respectful, life-changing, olly-olly-oxen-free, business-transforming stuff.”

—Lissa Boles

“Andrea, thank you for an awesome day of learning in your Coaching Skills Intensive. I absolutely loved your Breakthrough Techniques – excellent, excellent content that I can tell took years of experience and observation to acquire. I am so grateful that you’ve packaged it up so nicely for me to use today!”

—Janelle Evans

“What I found about the coaching skills intensive was, not only will it help me with my online business when I start, but it also will help me with the coaching portion, and not only that, these are great skills for life … to be a better human being … to make this world a better place! I appreciate you sharing your valuable insights and secret gems. No words can really truly express the depths of my gratitude!”


Thank you so much for this course, AJL! I'm a certified coach and have added immense value to my toolbox with the skills you have so generously shared on your calls.

—Linda Mickle
I'm going to start with looking for opportunities to use the Transferring Excellence technique.

Andrea, Thank You for an awesome day of learning in your Coaching Skills Intensive!
I absolutely loved your Breakthrough Techniques -- excellent, excellent content that I can tell took years of experience and observation to acquire. I am so grateful that you've packaged it up so nicely for me to use today!

—Janelle Evans

Just listened to the last 2 calls. Brilliant! These skills will help in getting even better results for clients. Thank you Andrea.

—Joan Bell

Thank you Andrea!!! From my overflowing grateful heart to your truly one-of-a-kind generous one, I appreciate you sharing your valuable insights and secret gems on the coaching skills intensive. No words can truly express the depths of my gratitude!

—Lisa Snow