Chapter 17: The Clay is Never Dry

A realtor friend once said “There is no such thing as a mistake in Real Estate.” Meaning that, if you feel as though you’ve made a mistake in Real Estate, you only have to wait long enough, and it will turn out alright – your mistake will no longer seem like a mistake.

We’re of the opinion that’s a little more extreme that is – ‘There is no such thing as a mistake.’  Everything is fixable, absolutely everything.

Put another way – a metaphysical kind of way – we like how Abraham-Hicks puts it, that is, “The Clay is Never Dry.” If we think of our businesses as works of art, or sculptures in progress – just for a moment – we can tap into a feeling of great freedom.  We can start to understand there’s never a time when we can’t go back and mold, shape, or refine.

Consider that phrase for a moment and see whether it releases you from some of the pressures of being perfect.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re going to be faced with starting new things on a regular basis. If you tend to get stuck, or have a hard time starting – try focusing on completion, not perfection.

Here’s a case study to help demonstrate this point.

I was training a Virtual Assistant for one of my clients a little while ago.

I was showing her around a few systems, and noticed when it was her turn, she would come back a few times to make sure that she was ‘doing it right.’

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to ‘do things right from the first time’, I could feel the enormous amount of pressure it was causing her.

It occurred to me how much easier it would be, to come from a place of knowing “It’s all fixable’.

Get over the fear of making a mistake and just get it done.

If a mistake is made, you can always come back and fix it later.

Some coaching questions for you:

  • What is something you’ve been procrastinating about?
  • Would it help you get started if you focus on completion, as opposed to perfection?
  • How can you benefit from focusing on completion, not perfection in your business?

We’d love to receive your responses to these three questions.  Please leave your comments below.