Build the Relationship: Infuse Your Online Interactions With Intimacy, Mystery and Sensuality

by: Andrea J. Lee

What does this mean?

When it comes to building relationship with your customers and prospects, there are three main components to consider.

You need Intimacy.  You create a more intimate relationship with your community when you use questions, tell stories, and create opportunities for interaction and dialog.

For example, if your own pink spoon or website is not converting well – ask yourself – should some of the copy be converted into a question? Many headlines or even titles can be improved through the use of a question mark at the end.


Because a question is a natural hook. By asking a question, you instantaneously create a dialog with many people.  By doing this, you have intimacy.

When it comes to mystery –everyone loves a mystery.  One with a little creativity where you can also foster some curiosity and enthusiasm.

You can infuse mystery in all sorts of ways – at the end of each lesson in your pink spoon mini-course, at the end of an audio by building excitement about what’s coming up next.  Add a little mystery and talk about what’s coming up next and not only will you stimulate curiosity, you will increase conversion.

Sensuality can make a big difference to your ability to convert customers.

Whenever possible, engage the five senses.  For example, when you create a graphical cover for a product, you lift up your writing to a new sensory level.

If you take more time to write your Pink Spoon using stories, recalling foods, places, events … you can waken the reader to their sense of smell, taste and even touch.

These are all things that further a trust relationship with you … and truth be told, not many business owners understand this.

If you go ahead and apply some of these things, you will have a much more free reign to grab the attention of the customers you want to serve.

Add interactivity to your publications.  This can truly deepen the relationships you are creating online.

One of our favorite and simplest strategies that we still use today, is called the ‘quick question’ email.  In it, we use a question as a hook to begin engaging with the customer on a very personal basis.

A ‘quick question’ email is an email that goes out automatically the day after someone subscribes to your pink spoon. It can be as simple as “I was wondering, what is your biggest question about XYZ (i.e. the topic of your pink spoon)?” You may surprised at the response you receive with this.  It is extremely effective because it is short, personal and written in a way that clearly expects a reply.

In our experience 50-70% of people take the time to answer this email.  A HUGE conversion rate all on it’s own.

And finally to really strengthen the trust relationship with your customers, you need a newsletter strategy.

It’s one of the best tools available to continue the relationship you started with your Pink Spoon and allows you to provide ongoing value to the people on your list.

Newsletters have been proven ‘necessity’ for years, however it’s interesting to see the number of online based business owners who have not implemented this strategy.

Start by setting up your publication schedule. Then consider the 80/20 content split of your newsletter.  80% is simply to provide value in the form of articles, case studies, stories, Q&As etc.  This is the key part — the GIVING part of your newsletter, where people get to know, like and trust you.

The other 20% is then available to make paid offers of your products and services.

What will you do to build better relationships?

Let us know in the  comments section below.